About Lucidys

Lucidys Photography CharlotteLucidys is a photography operation based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The name is a stylized form of Latin  "lucidus", which means "clear, bright, and easy to understand". I chose the name to express the clarity of both my pictures and my pledge to you.  Lucidys was founded by me, Ricardo (or "Ricky") Willems, for two reasons – to turn my passion into a career, and to help my clients receive excellent photos at a great value. I first gained an interest in photography back in 2001, when I studied abroad for the first time. I knew that this time in my life would be full of new places, people, and events, and I felt that I had to record it. Photography is a great way to do that. I ended up spending over a decade studying first and then working abroad, mostly in Japan but also in Singapore. I also traveled to various other places. Before my initial departure to study in Japan, I bought my first digital point-and-shoot camera, and I haven't looked back. Let me correct that. I have looked back, because my many thousands of photos have allowed me to do that. That is the amazing thing. Memories can fade, but with photographs, you are able to return to a specific time and place at will, and jog those memories of not only sights, but also smells, tastes, and more.  Even a single photo has the power to do that. Since starting work as a photographer, I have worked for companies such as Lifetouch, American Wedding Group, and DroneBase. A wedding, of course, is one of the most important days in one's life!  Thus, it is important to capture it in vivid detail.  And for the best results, you need a great photographer.  That's where I come in.  With my ample experience and equipment, I can deliver great images that will show off your special day at its best. (Multiple photographers are also possible upon request - see my details!)  Friends with smartphones and/or disposable cameras - or even DSLRs - can play a part.  However, it's worth it to have a pro whose job it is to capture every important moment as it happens in incredible detail.  And the good news is that I won't cost an arm and a leg! We are also available to take event photos, portraits, real estate shots, and more. Please contact me and tell me what you need! Home | Why Lucidys | My Photography | PackagesContact Me