Portraits have been around since long before photography existed, but especially with modern digital photography, it is possible to get numerous professional portraits for a reasonable price.  Throughout history, families and individuals have had their portraits taken for posterity.  These days, it is more important than ever to have a nice portrait.  Professional models, actors, artists, and more need head shots, but more people also find them essential for a social media presence and even job-hunting.  I will strive to provide you with a high-quality portrait that will impress those around you.  Of course, I am also more than happy to provide my services to families and individuals for more traditional shots that you can frame, put in cards, and send to relatives. To peruse portrait photos in an online album setting, please click on the link directly below: Portrait Photo Gallery With Lucidys, you can receive digital copies and print out as many as you like, whenever you want.  Or, if you would like me to print out copies and send them to you (along with your digital copies), you can choose that, too.  I want to make things as simple yet flexible as possible.  Portraits do not have to take very long or cost a lot of money to obtain.  Contact Me Now to learn more. After viewing the slideshow above, feel free to check out more photos here: