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If you are looking to show off a property in its full glory to potential buyers, you have come to the right place.  A gallery of appealing photos can potentially increase the selling price of a house by far more than the price of the photo shoot itself.  Great photos also have the potential to get properties sold faster.  And seeing as how properties can range from the hundreds of thousands of dollars into the millions of dollars, it is obvious that you would want high-quality work from a professional.  That is what I offer, at very reasonable prices! Please also note that I have a drone pilot's license / remote pilot certificate (which is required to fly drones for any business-related reasons).  This means that no matter whether you need photos from human's eye view or bird's eye view, I've got you covered.  Be sure to let me know if you want some drone photos as well. To see some of my example photos in album form, please click HERE.  (Drone photos coming soon.) Price List (for the first shoot per calendar month): Up to 10 photos = $100 (Good for small apartments) Up to 25 photos = $125 (Good for small to medium-sized houses; get more than double the photos for only $25 extra) Up to 40 photos = $175  (Good for mansions, multiple houses, and apartment complexes including the lobby, etc.) More than 40 photos = $225+ (Good for multiple properties taken on a single day, very large projects, etc.) Bonus: $25 discount for every additional shoot per calendar month.  $25 additional discount for every referral. Please note that these prices are for delivered photos.  In many cases, I take many more photos than are delivered and then combine multiple exposures into individual photos in order to bring out more dynamic range.  In all cases, photos are shot in a RAW format, edited, and finally output as JPEG for easy sharing. If you need drone panoramas or videos, contact me for prices for those.  Also, for simple 15-minute roof inspection jobs for which photos do not need any editing, prices will be lower, so please contact me if that is what you need. If you want to show off a property, please Contact Me, and we can discuss the specifics!
Ricardo “Ricky” Willems
Cell: 980-277-0233 (text or call)
I love referrals!  If you refer a paying first-time customer to me (and that new customer makes this known when booking their first job with me), then each of you will receive a $25 discount on your next job!  You can refer as many people as you like, and get a discount each time!