Why Lucidys

What are the benefits of choosing Lucidys over other photographers for your wedding and other photo needs? Let's find out! (Even if you have a photographer included in a wedding package, you should read this!)
No Need to Select Photos Separately: Don't you hate it when you have to pick and choose between many great photos, because you can't afford them all?  This happened after my brother's wedding.  A photographer was included in his wedding package. We took that to mean that the photos were also included. That was not the case, and I have since found that this situation is typical.  In most cases, after the photo shoot, you are relegated to going through small thumbnails (as you could use the "print screen" option to "steal" larger versions) on a secure website which doesn't even allow you to right-click and save a thumbnail.  These photographers make you pay exorbitant fees for prints and digital copies over and above the fees for just being at the wedding. For example, after paying for the wedding shoot, you go to the photographer's thumbnail gallery.  There are 500 photos of the wedding, all of which are magical in their own way. It would be heartbreaking to have to choose only a few of them. But even if the price per digital copy is "only" $5 per photo, that would mean that you would have to spend an additional $2,500 to get them all. And this does not include the cost of printing or albums. This is a frustrating and costly exercise. I have a better idea. With Lucidys, you get digital copies of all photos which meet my standards. There is no need to worry about missing out on anything. I've got you covered!
Full Permission to Copy, Print, and Share: Many people do not realize how copyright laws affect their ability to copy and print photos in the future. Often, couples realize too late that they are obligated to pay the photographer a substantial sum every single time they make copies of their wedding photos. In fact, shops will refuse to make prints without the professional photographer's written permission...which takes loads of cash to receive. This is of course after the thousands of dollars already spent. Such a situation causes anger and resentment, and sometimes legal trouble.  For more information, check out THIS ARTICLE at Kunvay, a website about intellectual property. When you choose Lucidys, you are automatically getting permission to do whatever you like with the photos.  Say goodbye to stress and regret!
Professional Quality: Some people save money and ask a friend or relative to take pictures...sometimes with DSLRs and occasionally with smartphones or compact cameras.  Having friends take pictures IS a great idea, and I recommend doing this, but those can't be the ONLY photos taken on your big day. When you see the difference that a professional photographer makes, you will understand why. I have the equipment and skills needed in order to take sharp photos with creamy backgrounds ("bokeh") in a variety of lighting conditions. I know the angles and poses to get, and I will be on the job at all times while others are able to simply look upon and enjoy the ceremony as it unfolds. I am confident that I will produce lovely photos that you can cherish for a lifetime. Thankfully, all of this comes at a reasonable price!
Straightforward and Reasonable Prices: If you have already perused other wedding and event photography sites, you may have noticed that prices are often nowhere to be seen.  There is a reason for that.  When a quote comes back asking for $5,000, $10,000, or more, you will understand why their prices are hidden.  If you had known beforehand, you might not have contacted them in the first place!  It is sometimes said that "you get what you pay for", but that is often not the case.  I can give numerous examples in which a higher price tag does not translate into a better product, including some examples from the digital camera world.  Sometimes, you don't get what you pay for, or to put it in a more positive way, sometimes you get what you don't have to pay for! The prices for my services are some of the most reasonable in the business.  Also, as mentioned above, you get full permission to copy and print all of the photos you get.  It is nearly impossible to find a better deal! Home | About Lucidys | My Photography | PackagesContact Me
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